10 Tips To Stay Visible During Lockdown (and beyond!)

Are you struggling to stay visible to your customers, readers and those that might be interested in what you products or services your business can provide?

Not sure what, or how to go about staying visible?


There’s no doubt that 2020 hasn’t been the year that many small business owners were hoping and dreaming for when we started this new decade.  Lots weren’t prepared for long periods of closure, didn’t have the online presence needed to work effectively, many had to do homeschooling (with children that didn’t want to be schooled!). Let alone the mental strain of trying to think about your business, and how you can get through this!


One thing that is essential for all businesses now is to remain VISIBLE. But, what can you do to keep yourself in front of people?


Top 10 Tips To Remain Visible


  • Maintain a social media presence

You might not feel like you want to post anything on your business page, not sure people will be interested or know quite what to say. But, your social media pages need to remain active, engaging and personable to your followers, customers and potential customers.

Try not to have a break, be there and make sure people know that you’re still around. This is where using a social media scheduling tool might be a good idea. This way you can plan your posts in advance when you have the time, capacity and desire to do so.


  • Stay in touch with business contacts

Send people a message to say Hello, and ask them how they are doing. We all like to receive messages like this, and to know that others are thinking of us. This might be via email, Messenger, phone etc. You might just make someone’s day, and help them to get through it.


  • Stay social online

Join in conversations that you see in online groups, other pages etc. It is called ‘social’ media after all. Ask questions and respond to other posts with your advice, questions or feedback. Treat online as a face-to-face conversation – don’t just post and run!


  • Share other people’s posts and information to support

There is a large movement towards local businesses supporting and helping each other. Why not look to share some other business posts, information or offers to help promote those around you and show your support? This will help to create a positive vibe in your community and on your social media pages.

Plus, these are then more likely to share your posts into their audience, helping you to reach potential customers that might not follow your page or have seen your posts.


  • Share personal updates/ positive information

Be a little careful with this one, but for many small businesses THEY are the business. People buy from people they know, like and trust. So, sharing a few photo’s or bits of relevant information will help engage with people, they’ll resonate and connect with what you’ve said.

Also, as we can’t get out and meet people as much as we’d like, this is a way for people to get to know you a little better – you’re not just a ‘brand’ or business name.


  • Let people know what you’re working on

If you’ve been working on your own personal development, a new product or service or maybe updating your website etc, why not give people some teasers prior to launch? This will help get people interested and intrigued, and maybe even ready to purchase even before you go live!


  • Support you local community, or a local charity/ organisation/ initiative

Right now there are lots of fantastic initiatives happening across all communities. So, why not offer to help? This might be a few hours of your time, your service for free for limited numbers etc. You’ll helping your local community, doing something positive with your time and helping your sense of pride and achievement as well,


  • Challenge yourself to go Live or do online videos to reach a larger audience

Live or recorded video is getting more reach than other types of social media posts right now. They might seem terrifying to you, but will really help to get your reach, engagement and visibility UP! Start in a small group if this feels less daunting to you, record them rather than do as a live, practice for a while before you go for it.

This is one thing I am challenging myself to do more of, and the thought is always worse than actually doing it! I always have a sense of pride and success after I’ve done a live video – maybe I’ll get addicted to doing them at some point!


  • Use third parties to help promote and share your business (EG our Business Directory and mobile app)

Ok, a little bit of promotion here, but things such as our Business Directory and mobile app can increase awareness of you locally across Trafford. With SEO benefits for your website, promotion across our social media channels and the opportunities to be included in other initiatives too, these will all help increase visibility for you.

Please email hello@promotingtrafford.co.uk to discuss being part of our Directory, and check HERE for current businesses we’re supporting.


  • Don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to post regularly? Get someone else to support you with this

For some, the worry of knowing what to post on social media, coming up with the words and images might all be too much to think about on top of running their business during a pandemic – or beyond!

In order to remain visible, you have to be active on your social media platforms and doing some of the ideas above (and more for some businesses/ industries).  Promoting Trafford can support you with this if you’d like someone to take this away from you – even on a temporary basis whilst you concentrate on other aspects of your business. Email us on hello@promotingtrafford.co.uk to discuss the options available.


We hope you’ve found these tips useful? What I’d really like is to see all small businesses thriving, being positive and being social on their desired platforms – being VISIBLE and doing all they can to keep going.


Janine x


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