5 Tips from Write on Time Ltd presentation – Pitch To The Press

Have you ever wanted to get your business featured in the press?  Wondered how every time you check social media, people seem to be sharing their stories from newspapers, magazines etc?


The women in business group that I manage were treated to an overview of how to get your business and/or achievement featured in the press, by PR specialists Michelle and Christian Ewen from Write on Time Ltd.  I completed their last 5 Day Pitch To The Press challenge, and found it super-helpful. So, when I found out they were looking for networking groups to help other business owners, I jumped at the chance for them to speak on our latest Zoom call.


I have summarised some of the points they raised below, and have also created links to their FREE resource – ’20 Ways To Get Your Business In Your Local Newspaper’ as well as sharing details of their next 5 Day Challenge too at the bottom of the page – well worth doing both! Here is my press article in The Messenger that I wrote during the 5 day challenge (not the flytipping one!) –


1 – MINDSET. Michelle explained that this is the first stumbling block to getting your business featured, in that lots of individuals will tell themselves “I don’t have a good enough story” or “no-one will be interested”.  You need to remove these negative thoughts, and be positive and creative. If you are featured or invited onto a radio gig, this will really help your confidence and boost your mental health. Michelle and Christian are confident there is an interesting story in everyone – it doesn’t need to resonate with millions of people to be interesting.


2 – Concentrate on the HUMAN INTEREST side of the store, with PEOPLE at its centre. DON’T think of it as a way of getting a sneaky advert into the paper, journalists will spot this a mile away! Instead, focus on how you have helped people, what difference you/ your business has made to people’s lives. Create a STORY.


3- LINK INTO THEMES that are happening at the time, and pitch your story with one of these in mind – EG: how has your business been impacted? How have you helped others? Always put a positive spin on it. At the moment areas such as Covid-19, Brexit and business are popular themes.


4 – AWARENESS DAYS – there are hundreds of these throughout the year, so find some that your business is relevant to and focus on these to pitch your story around.


5 – Send your pitch about 10 days BEFORE you want it published. This gives the journalist time to get in touch and ask any questions you might have. Make sure you have all contact details, images, links and information they need – make it easy for them.


Want more help?

Why not join Michelle and Christian’s next 5 Day Challenge that starts on the 28th September? It will take about 30 minutes a day, but you’ll have ongoing feedback from them both as you go through the challenges, and by the end of the 5th day your pitch will be written and ready to send! Join HERE


FREE GUIDE – ’20 Ways To Get Your Business Into Local Newspapers’ – download this HERE for lots of story ideas to get you started. I have, and already have a few that I think could be good!




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