5 Tips To Tame a Busy Mind

Perhaps you love the idea of relaxation but if you get easily bored, overthink things, are a bit of a perfectionist or a worrier it doesn’t come that easy to you. Sometimes the hardest part about self-care is not the practical things, like having a bath, and letting your body relax, but working out how to quieten your busy mind.


Carol is the founder of Blend psychological services and a Wellbeing Centre, in Sale. She is a qualified psychotherapist, mindset coach and trainer who specialises in helping people to improve confidence, self-esteem and relationships as well as helping overcome different things in life that are making people feel stuck.


Blend by Carol Nesbitt was also shortlisted in the Health and Wellbeing category of our Trafford Business and Awards 2021, and she wanted to share some of her ideas to help you relax and quieten your mind. Her tips are below –

5 top tips for taming a busy mind


I’ve always had a busy mind. When I was young, I needed constant entertaining or I would be ‘bored’. I would get out my toys and by the time I had set it up to play, I was off, wanting to do the next thing. Even now, I find it difficult to sit still or focus on one task, without my mind wandering off. This morning I was writing in my journal (now a part of my practice to help me slow down my mind) and I noticed how distracted I was whilst I was doing it. In the space of a paragraph, I had put my pen down and picked up my phone three times!

The reality is, all this busy mind stuff, random thoughts that lead us off on tangents, also leaves us feeling a bit burnt out and mentally exhausted. Here are my top 5 tips –


1. Write it down

Journal it, make a list or draw it. If you get the stuff that is floating around in your head onto a piece of paper, it helps to declutter the cognitive overload.


2. Move your phone away

With a restless mind, it is so easy to pick up your phone and scroll endlessly looking for a bit of escape. If you are looking at something that helps to calm your mind, great. However, most of the time when we pick up our phone we end up consuming content that stimulates and leads to more overthinking and more overwhelm.


3. Share it

Talk to someone, work it through. When I am working on my own, I can get stuck in a thought loop for ages and feel really stuck. It can take a few minutes of talking it through with someone to help me make sense of my thoughts. Stop rehashing that thought and get it out!


4. Declutter your space

Whilst a messy space doesn’t affect everyone, for some, your mental state can be impacted by your physical surroundings. Organise your space to help you feel calm – whatever that looks like for you.


5. Learn to Focus – Meditate

I know it might sound a bit cliché, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but meditation really works for a busy mind. Although it does take practice and patience. Take 5 minutes to be still and notice your thoughts – just as they are – thoughts. Step back from judging them, controlling them or reacting to them and allow your mind to settle.


You can follow Blend by Carol Nesbitt via the links below –

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