Community Comes Together to Start Their Own Fitness Bootcamps!

Sale Community Fitness (SCF) is a community club running outdoor bootcamps, based at Trafford Metrovicks RFCC on Finney Bank Road in Sale, M33 6LR


SCF is run ‘by its members, for its members’ on a not-for-profit basis. Our members pay a regular monthly subscription to access unlimited sessions throughout that month. Any excess profits that remain after costs are invested back into further developing the club.


Our bootcamp sessions are run by professional trainers who are qualified, experienced and insured. The trainers know exactly what it takes to build varied, challenging and fun sessions for all members regardless of ability and fitness levels.

We work out all year round in any weather and relish mud! Don’t worry, it isn’t muddy all of the time! Our sessions are different every time with a lot of variety of exercise. At bootcamps there will always be friendship, fun and motivation to participate to the best of your ability. The atmosphere is supportive, engaging and respectful; a big part of our ethos is to make every member feel part of the team regardless of where they are on their fitness journey.


We think that what sets our sessions and members apart is that we are a community of people who genuinely want the best outcomes not just for themselves, but for everyone involved in the group. Members are treated with genuine warmth, consideration and encouragement, regardless of ability, condition, fitness, age, personal motivations, shape, size, creed, uniqueness or anything else!


We’re closely affiliated with our hosts at Trafford Metrovicks, and many of us will stay for a quick drink after a Thursday evening session although there is no obligation to do so! Some of us take part in external activities as a group, including obstacle course races, running sessions and medal runs.

New members will be warmly welcomed at SCF and we encourage you to contact us to arrange a free taster session. We hope to continue to grow our membership in a friendly and inclusive way, to reap the benefits of outdoor exercise and to put the fun back into fitness!


With such large spaces available to us, we can make sure the members maintain a safe distance apart, and also split into smaller groups during the main workouts. We also have strict rules on sanitising hands and there is no contact or shared equipment.

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Find us on Facebook & Instagram – @salecommunityfitness


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