Meet The Team – True Physio, Sale

True Physio are there to help fight pain, and get you back to doing the things you love. They provide Physiotherapy, Massage and Chiropody.  Their Trafford base is in Sale, but have clinics in Skipton and Lancaster as well.


Get to know the team at the Sale clinic in our first ‘Face Behind The Business’ series. Find out more about True Physio HERE.

Lauren is one of our Physiotherapists, has been with us for 2 years and has a BSc in Physiotherapy. She is also a veterinary physiotherapist too. Lauren is friendly, helpful and always smiling. When Lauren isn’t working, she enjoys walking with her dog Ben or spending time with her horse called Boo. Lauren also loves spending time at Centre Parcs and eating tapas. But you wont ever find her with a brew as she doesn’t like tea or coffee!

When Lauren was younger she changed her mind a lot about what she wanted to be when she was older, she either wanted to be a marine biologist, interior designer or something involving chemistry. She wishes she could have the super power to help make the environment and the nature around us all better. Lauren says she would love to sit down and have a drink and chat with someone like David Attenborough too.

Rick is admin support in Sale, has been with us for 3yrs and describes himself as the human swiss army knife of clinic. Rick is always making everyone laugh & brightening our days. He’s incredibly helpful, approachable & supportive. Nothing is too much for him. Our clients love him as much as we do. He’s so good at putting them at ease and making them feel comfortable.

(DJ Rick in clinic) Rick plays the guitar and has been on radio several times with his old band. He plays several other instruments, drums, keyboard and he’s learning the ukulele as well as singing! Rick likes reading, watching football (Man United being his chosen team) and wishing he were a professional footballer, his childhood dream. His favourite place in the world is Old Trafford. Rick would have loved to sit with John Lennon for a drink, chat & perhaps a Chinese as this is his favourite food… Sounds good to us!

Rick often wishes he had invisibility as his superpower, although we can only imagine the practical jokes he would play on us in clinic, so it’s a good job he can’t become invisible…haha! And Rick really misses Texan (a chocolate bar I am reliably informed). from his childhood, he would love it if they would bring it back!

Chris is always happy, helpful and very approachable. He is a great member of the team to have around. Chris has been with us since November 2020 and holds a BSc in Physiotherapy, although has has said he would love to have the superpower to cure all his patients with a click of his fingers.

When Chris is not working he likes nothing more than playing football (he hoped to be a professional footballer when he was little), surfing or kayaking and you will most likely find him at the coast, his most favourite place to be. Chris has a couple of hidden talents, he can play the guitar and he is a published artist too….He also went to the same school as the Physicist Brian Cox. Chris’s favourite food is spaghetti carbonara but he wishes Mars would bring back their Mars Delight chocolate bar! And if he was given the opportunity to sit down and have a drink with anyone, he would choose Steven Gerrard.

Victoria Allen BSc (Hons) MCPod is our new podiatrist in our Sale clinic, having joined us in April 2021. She is taking on our extremely busy podiatry clinic.

Victoria is approachable, thorough, friendly and is willing to go the extra mile. She always has a smile for her clients and is settling in well within the team already. Victoria enjoys long walks, family days out, cooking and wine tasting when not working. Her favourite food to eat is Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup.

She is a big Harry potter fan and would love the ability to cast magical spells just like Harry! (I wonder what kind of spells she would cast….) If she had the chance to sit down and have a drink and a chat with anyone, she would choose Elton John and Stephen Fry every time. Victoria tells me she loves nothing more than a good party! In fact, Victoria has a hidden talent for the organising of events and parties. I know who we are going to ask to sort our next works night out… soon as possible when we are allowed please!!

Tina is a physiotherapists at our Sale clinic, holds a BSc in Physiotherapy and a BSc in Sport Science and she has been qualified for 15 years. Tina has been with the True Physio team for 2 ½ years, is hard working, friendly and approachable, chatty and loyal. She would describe herself as competitive and a worrier too.

She enjoys CrossFit when she isn’t working or looking after her children. Tina always wanted to be either a teacher or professional athlete when she was younger, she even got the chance to appear on Blue Peter when she was 16 teaching Richard Bacon how to high jump! Tina’s hidden talent is that she can tap dance. If she was to choose her favourite place in the world it would be the Maldives, her favourite food, it would be chocolate, cake, crisps and a burger, her superpower, it would be teleporting so she can go wherever she wants whenever she wants! If she could bring anything back from her childhood, it would be playing out on the street with not a care in the world. Playing games such as kirby/skipping/elastic/water fights. And Tina would have loved the chance to sit down, have a drink and chat with Freddie Mercury.





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