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Promoting Local is an opportunity to raise awareness of positive stories, local events and organisations, via a network of people running their own hyper-local business.
Hi, I’m Janine, founder of Promoting Local, I absolutely love my job and believe in the growth of my local area! Do you?
Too often local communities aren’t shouting about the great things happening around them, instead concentrating on negativity. Every area has amazing people supporting and developing the community, fantastic local businesses that need help increasing awareness to help them grow, or lots of events that need showcasing and promoting.
This is what Promoting Local is about.

I started this journey as a way of promoting my area of Trafford. I wanted to bring my local towns closer together and get people knowing what was happening outside of their immediate home area. Promoting Trafford was launched in 2018, with a website and social media channels. In 6 months it grew to include Facebook groups for Trafford small businesses as well as one for local women in business to support each other virtually, and monthly networking groups for them to meet, share ideas and learn from each other.

I soon realised that this could be expanded into helping many more communities grow and be proud of their area, as well as helping others start and run their own businesses, and Promoting Local was launched in June 2019.
It’s been an amazing journey for me, not only in growing Promoting Trafford, but also to work with a number of local towns to help increase awareness of what their high street’s have to offer, arrange events and ways of engaging with the local community.
Promoting Local is on a mission to promote every town, borough or city in the UK in a positive way so that people are proud of where they live, work and spend their time!
If I can help your town, or you to start your own Promoting Local business please get in touch.

You can contact me on info@promotinglocal.co.uk  or any of the social media pages.

Thank you, and your feedback is always welcome,

Janine  x

Janine Friston Promoting Trafford
Janine Friston Promoting Trafford

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