Weight Gain and Lockdown – how to tackle this with Mareyam Shah

Have you put on some weight during lockdown? (yep, that’ll be me!)

Not ready to head to the gym quite yet, but want to take control of your eating first?


Promoting Trafford has been speaking with one of Business Directory members, Mareyam Shah, who is a 1:1 Diet Plan consultant with Cambridge Weight Plan. We asked her about HOW the plan can help people lose weight, what’s involved and about how she has been helping her clients during and post-lockdown.


How has lockdown been for you Mareyam?
Lockdown has been pretty kind to me.  It has kept me going, and I still managed to keep working to support others.  We are a food manufacturing company and I myself am sales and distribution/delivery. Head office acted very promptly and provided us with permission letters so we could still drive to see clients.
What feedback have you been receiving from your clients, about how they’ve coped over the last few months?
Feedback has generally been good. Like everyone, there was uncertainty. However, I kept my clients updated as much as I could within Government rulings etc. People still need to eat. My clients, especially those that live on their own, or wanted 15 mins spare from the kids etc, were happy to see me and so we did social distance weigh-ins. The only thing I couldn’t do was to measure them.  Now that we have relaxed the rules a little it’s quite easy to measure very quickly. Sometimes the weight doesn’t move but inches can!
What support and help are people wanting right now from you?
No drastic changes apart from the 1 metre distance. They would still rather I come and check in on them daily via whatsapp/text and meet them on the doorstop.
How can The 1:1 Diet help? 
The 1:1 Diet is scientifically proven to encourage weight loss. Our research has been published by the NHS and the British Medical Journal. Thousands of successful dieters (many of them now Consultants) also love talking about how this unique diet Plan has helped them lose weight. 
Is it just shakes and liquid?
Noooooo. Definitely not like the 80’s when clients did it back then!
We have come such a long way now, We now also do porridge, savoury meals bars and mini bites, we also do convenience meals and our latest is fava beans which are 100kcal and packed full of protein snack packs, suitable for all the family as they are not core weight loss products but low calorie meals.
Is it healthy?
Absolutely. The 1:1 Diet is scientifically proven to provide all the nutrition you need safely and healthily, while reducing your calorie intake with the support of your Consultant, to help you lose weight. There’s so much research that supports this.
What sort of weight loss can be achieved, and over what period of time? (although i know this can vary between people)
On a low calorie step we say on average 1 stone a month (or 6.35kg) and this can also vary between male and female.  As you go up the steps, I start to take a meal replacement away and you then then have to start to introduce food back into your day.
What do you love about your business?
I love love love seeing the changes in people especially in the first week.  Skin is glowing and the face shrinks especially around the jowl area. I literally gave up everything in the corporate world to be a self employed consultant.
The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge weight plan is an Employee Owned company and has many fantastic benefits, in terms of what salary I can make. I don’t get paid by head office. My clients pay my wages.
As consultants we are extensively trained. We have to sit – and pass – five in-depth exams. We have a strict set of policies and procedures to adhere to. We work on a one-to-one basis with our clients and are always there for ongoing support, advice, guidance and encouragement.
What would be your top tip for those of us needing to lose some of our Lockdown weight gain?
It’s easy to say eat less, move more, but what are you eating and what are you moving?
All I can say is follow a traffic light system –
  • Veg and lean protein meat everyday
  • Dairy/grains and fruits 3-4 times a week
  • Carbs like rice, potato and bread twice a week
  • Watch out for salts and sugars
That’s what we advise on our calorie counting steps.
Yes, but you need to be on a plan for the rest of your life?
If you do The 1:1 Diet properly you should only ever have to do it once. The 1:1 Diet is all about life long changes – changing portion sizes, changing eating habits, changing taste buds, changing metabolic rates and matching them to the right amount of calories for the individual. The only way to get different results is to make changes.
Will you put the weight back on when you stop dieting?
If you follow the plan properly and do the stepping up process you won’t put the weight back on unless you go back to your old eating habits then, of course, you will go back to your old weight. This would happen when you stop any diet!
You can find out more and contact Mareyam HERE.   You can call her on 07966 058 451. Please also ask about the exclusive offer she has for Promoting Trafford readers at the minute, to help get you started.


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