What does Promoting Local mean?

We’ve all heard the phrase “Shop Local”, encouraging us to shop in our local towns rather than online.

For us, the growth of our local towns and economy means much more than where you go to buy clothes or books. It includes everything in our day to day lives.

“Promoting Local” is about showcasing everything in our local communities – whether it be local shops, businesses and professional services, leisure venues, restaurants and bars or community initiatives where a small number of extra visitors or donations can really make a difference.

This can be done in a variety of ways –

1) Shopping. Make a conscious effort to Shop Local by visiting your town centre as regularly as you can and putting aside money to spend there. It might be a coffee and cake in a local café; buying an item of clothing that you would normally have simply purchased online, or using a local butcher or greengrocer if you have them to buy your meat or fruit and veg.

If everyone purchased at least one more thing from their town centre over and above what they would normally do on a weekly or even monthly basis, what a difference this would make!

2) Professional services.  Do you have local insurance brokers? Mortgage advisors? Graphic designers for business or maybe wedding stationery? Printer? Why not contact them to see if they can achieve the same result (or better!) for you.  They will love working with people local to them, and you will often receive a more personalised and dedicated service from them too.

If we have a Promoting Local website for your area, check out their Business Directory for local businesses looking to reach out to their area and grow.

3) Leisure. Our time with family and friends is precious, so why not search out that restaurant in your town that you haven’t yet tried or been to in a while? If you’re looking for a burger, why go for something that may be frozen or simply reheated, when local and independent restaurants could make it by hand and you will, therefore, have something tastier, healthier and a better environment!

Many towns have lots of different events on, so why not check out your Promoting Local area (if we have it covered) look around your area for posters or word of mouth for something different to do? Don’t keep going back to the same place, it gets boring! Try something that supports a local park, charity or community. These may be more fun, cheaper and you know you’re helping the local area.

4) Communities. We love to live where there is positivity, vibrancy and a great local community spirit.  Have you tried getting involved in a local community group or charity? You will meet new people, could learn a new skill and help the group grow and put back into the community again.

Promoting Local is all about supporting local villages and towns by spending locally, buying locally, being involved in your local community and helping to make it the best place to live that it can be.

What will you do today to help your local area?


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