Why Choose a Promoting Local Franchise?

  • Have you been thinking of starting your own business for a while?
  • Do you want to spend more time with your family, and work from home?
  • Don’t fancy the commute into work any more?
  • Stating to dread Monday’s?

Over the last few months many people have started working from home as we’ve been in lockdown.  They’ve realised that not having the commute into work or being there to support their children more is what they’d like to do – rather than always feeling rushed, stressed and working for someone else.

There has also been a real resurgence of local communities wanting to help and support their local shops and businesses that have had to temporarily close, or are struggling. Now more than ever the SHOP LOCAL, PROMOTE LOCAL tagline is important, and people seem to be really getting behind this.

There is also so much more awareness of community issues, of what support people around you need and how groups and charities are helping these – from foodbanks to helping fight loneliness, homelessness or mental and physical health charities for your area.

Wouldn’t it be great to be at the forefront of helping your area bounceback, grow and develop – all the while running YOUR business?!

What does running a Promoting Local franchise involve?

Promoting Local is all about helping your local area – businesses, charities, community groups and events.

You’ll have your own website, mobile app and social media channels to be able to do this, and really help to make a difference to people’s lives – including your own!

You must be able to communicate well (written, online and in person) so that you can grow your own local Business Directory, run networking events (although mine are informal, and so just as much about socialising and meeting other small business owners ad they are about networking and learning) and feel positive towards your area (we don’t have bad news stories on our blog!) and supporting people.

What skills and experience is needed?

One of the main skills and qualities we’re looking for is being a PEOPLE PERSON – you must be approachable and make others feel appreciated.

You should also be confident in using social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) as these will be where you promote your business, but also engage and interact with others within your community to help and support them.

You will also need to update your website and mobile app, so a certain level of confidence is needed with IT – but as this is mainly via WordPress and a mobile app, it is quite straight forward – I promise!

Why Promoting Local?

As much as you’ll be helping your community, I want to build my own community of business owners.  I would love to be able to help you on your journey of running a business, and share my experiences and knowledge to help you too.

With my support, and that of the experts I’ve come to know along the way (from web developers to accounting, mindset coaches to organising experts!) I can help you have the lifestyle that you’re looking for. I’ve built my local franchise in around 15 hours per week, and it’s given me an income to provide for my family as a single Mum.

I’ve also met some amazing people, many of whom I now call my friends (lucky them, haha!). It has really inspired me as a person, built up my confidence (after having a successful career, but then a couple of wrong job moves knocking my confidence) and enabled me to do something I’ve only dreamed of doing – being my own boss and spending more time with my kids.

A Promoting Local franchise gives you opportunities and a variety of ways to provide an income. Depending on your skills and experience, you can pick and choose which you’d like to use, and we will coach you on the others.

  • Are you a sales expert? If so, the Business Directory will be great for you to sell
  • Are you a social media guru? If so, you could use the contacts you’ll make to help manage other’s social media accounts (we have our Social Media Management packages HERE)
  • Are you an Admin person? If so, then you could help others with their business admin
  • Are you good at meeting people? If so, then our networking meetings will be great for you to meet others, connect people and learn


What are the plans for Promoting Local?

I started this journey in 2018 with Promoting Trafford, which is still going from strength to strength.  With more in the pipeline, I want everywhere to have a Promoting Local franchisee – someone who is really behind their local businesses and community!

It would be great to have every town and city supported across the UK, and to help lots of people start and run their own businesses – to escape the 9-5, to spend more time with family, to be able to earn a good income doing something they enjoy whilst also giving something back to their communities too.

Across the UK we need to ensure our town’s grow again, see independent retailers and businesses thrive and local communities have the support needed for everyone.

This is what Promoting Local can help with – by having the right people join us, we CAN make a difference!

You can find out more about our franchise opportunities here or please get in touch via email on info@promotinglocal.co.uk. I’d love to hear from you.

Janine x


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